Senior Product Manager

Los Angeles, California
Work Type: Full Time


Wellth is a fast-growing digital health startup with headquartered in Los Angeles. Our mission is to help people living with chronic conditions make healthier choices every day. Chronic disease is one of the largest challenges facing our nation. This challenge is largely created due to patients drifting away from  prescribed medications and broader care plans. Only about 50% of people with chronic conditions follow their care plan as prescribed. This creates enormous health and economic burdens on individuals, families, and communities that are largely preventable. Our platform deploys evidence-based interventions from behavioral economics through a mobile app to dramatically improve patient adherence, health outcomes, and costs of care, while also helping to directly address growing inequities across our communities. Wellth is at the forefront of designing powerful new tools rooted in behavioral science to deliver value to our customers: healthcare providers and insurers.

Behavioral Economics is at the heart of what we do. If you are a fan of books like Nudge, Freakonomics, and Predictably Irrational and were as excited as us that a Nobel Prize went to a professor of behavioral economics in 2017, then this is the place for you. Help us build and scale a platform that is helping hundreds of patients manage their care plan and improve their health. Visit us at for more information.

The growing Wellth product team is looking for a savvy product manager who is in love with identifying ways to turn data into action, information and impact. With Wellth’s unique daily view into the life and health of our users, we can understand how best to help them today and tomorrow, while also arming others involved in their care such as doctors, insurance plans, and care teams with novel ways to engage.

Information will be used by Wellth to improve how we boost motivation for patients, to increase retention within longer programs, to better understand behaviors within segments. External products will also be created, including but not limited to data feeds and products, integrations with partners to create new collaborations, and reports and dashboards for providers and payers working with chronic disease patients.

Role Summary

As Senior Product Manager at Wellth, you will identify, design, build and launch critical capabilities that push our core motivational platform forward. This is a highly self-directed role that works closely with our Commercial, Design, Engineering, Marketing and Operations teams to learn from customers, read where the healthcare market is headed, envision creative new approaches and deliver capabilities that scale within the complex healthcare environment. 

This is a demanding, high energy role for individuals that love to find problems and solve problems, aren’t afraid to ask questions and probe for insights that others leave undiscovered. You will need quantitative skills to conduct detailed analysis, and qualitative skills to dig deeper and get into the root of problems and opportunities.

Our product roles don’t passively gather requirements, they don’t manage a nice and neat roadmap forward. But if you want to establish and hold influence across a quickly growing company, solve real problems that matter in healthcare, get technical with engineers, creative with marketers and designers, strategic with customers, and be part of a very different approach to motivating healthy behaviors, this might be the role for you.

What we’re looking for in the perfect candidate...

  • Ability to design potential products with data, information and insight at the core of the value, and take them through a full validation and delivery cycle

  • Demonstrated success collaborating with UX, design, engineering, data science, and QA resources to execute on delivery, and with customer-facing roles to ensure delight

  • Knows where to go looking for different kinds of insight, inspiration and feedback. Willing to “research everything” in order to get a top notch result. Is allergic to “gathering requirements”

  • Relentlessly considers ways to make things better in ways that truly matter - does not spend time optimizing on little things out on the margins

  • Potential to build a product team focused on driving and demonstrating the value of Wellth through data and insight

  • Constantly evangelizes what you are working on, why, what it means for different audiences, and how it connects to our mission

  • Constantly challenging and inspiring others to do their best work

Minimum Qualifications:

  • 5+ years as a product manager or similar role

  • Experience designing, building, launching and improving data-focused products

  • Ability to succeed at a growth-stage startup; work in a self-directed environment within clear goals and context

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Expertise in health data including quality-related measures

  • Local to Los Angeles

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