Shadow Advisor to the CEO/Chief of Staff

Los Angeles, California   |   Full time

Wellth is a fast-growing digital health startup with offices in Los Angeles and New York City. Our mission is to help people living with chronic conditions make healthier choices every day. Chronic disease is one of the largest challenges facing our nation. This challenge is largely created due to patient non-adherence to medications and care plans. Only about 50% of people with chronic conditions follow their care plan as prescribed. This creates enormous health and economic burdens on individuals, families, and communities that are largely preventable. Our platform deploys evidence-based interventions from behavioral economics through a mobile app to dramatically improve patient adherence, health outcomes, and costs of care. Wellth is at the forefront of designing powerful new tools rooted in behavioral science to deliver value to our customers: healthcare providers and insurers.

Behavioral Economics is at the heart of what we do. If you are a fan of books like Nudge, Freakonomics, and Predictably Irrational and were as excited as us that a Nobel Prize went to a professor of behavioral economics in 2017, then this is the place for you. Help us build and scale a platform that is helping hundreds of patients manage their care plan and improve their health. 

We have created a smartphone app that uses the power of financial incentives to improve patient adherence. Our technology also provides valuable information to nurses and other healthcare professionals in the form of weekly adherence report cards and real-time alerts to help provide high-touch care to their patients. Patients check in every day by taking a photo of their medications in their hand.


Job Description

Jeff Bezos has famously had a ‘shadow’ (link to article) who has gone to every meeting, helped execute on on key initiatives, and has served as his proxy in meetings/decisions when Bezos was unable to attend himself. This role is not a glorified EA, but is a future CEO/executive-in-training.  Many of Bezos’ former shadows have gone on to run key Amazon businesses, like Jeff Wilke, CEO of Amazon.com, and Andy Jassy, CEO of AWS.

If you aspire to someday run and lead a company, there is no better position than being a Shadow / Chief of Staff to give you first hand experience of what it takes.  Acting as an extension of the CEO, you will get direct access and experience helping with all aspects of internal and external company building.  From interfacing with Venture Capitalists in financing, to selling to customers, to setting company strategy, to building and managing the team, you will serve as the force multiplier to help the CEO perform all aspects of their job.  You will learn to think like a CEO and, over time, achieve more and more autonomy and responsibility. You will work directly with Wellth’s CEO and Co-Founder, Matt Loper, on a daily basis.  You will live through the daily ups and downs of running a venture backed startup.  You will help make hard decisions about the future of the company.

While a background in investment banking or consulting could provide you with the skillset to succeed in this role, we’re open to any background as long as you have a demonstrated excellence, drive, and a desire to create impact in the organizations where you have worked. We are not looking for a “yes-person” rather someone who thinks critically and is not afraid to express his or her opinion even if it doesn’t line up with the majority. We’re looking for someone equal parts cerebral and empathetic, with a desire to put their stamp on a rapidly developing company creating tons of social good, helping the sickest, poorest patient populations achieve better health outcomes.

If your goal is to eventually become a CEO, 2 more years of banking/consulting only makes you a better banker/consultant.  If you want a track to the C-Suite, here's your chance.


  • A track record of academic and professional success

  • Relentless work ethic

  • Superb written and oral communication skills

  • The drive to own outcomes, create value, and have responsibility in a fast growing venture backed company

  • The aspiration to work for a company that creates significant social impact by helping the sickest, poorest patient populations achieve better health outcomes

Application Details

  • Resume

  • Writing prompt (less than one page each):

    • What do you want to be when you ‘grow up’?  (in other words, what is your dream career over the medium to long term?)

    • What is your favorite business, and what makes it so great?

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